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Custom Brokerage

HD Ships customs brokerage smooths the path for companies in international trade, expediting shipments for companies large and small. HD Ships ensures complicated and ever-changing paperwork is completed properly and quickly.

HD Ships reduces stress and allows importers to do what they do best — manage their own business.

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Custom Brokerage FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Customs brokers bring knowledge and technology to speed imports through customs. They prevent expensive delays and errors.

HD Ships and its customs brokerage partners provide years of expertise to ensure your company’s imports are properly classified.

HD Ships works only with customs brokers who have completed an exam and earned a license from  U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Through its partners in customs brokerage, HD Ships can provide affordable surety bonds to importers.

International customs laws are complex and constantly changing. A customs broker helps small importers avoid expensive mistakes.

HD Ships and its transportation partners provide a seamless service to importers, making sure freight service and customs service is integrated.

Because customs brokers have the skills and technology to complete paperwork quickly, their fees are surprisingly affordable. They vary, of course, by the work that needs to be done.

Many surety bonding companies are reluctant to work directly with importers who aren’t handling large numbers of international shipments. HD Ships helps importers clear this hurdle.