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Air Freight

HD Ships serves enterprises around the globe with highly reliable and secure air freight service. The HD Ships team helps companies sort through alternatives to find the best, most cost-effective solutions, and its team understands alternatives available for air freight items that require special handling.

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Air Freight FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

For many smaller, high-value items, the extra cost of air freight is justifiable. The HD Ships team can help you crunch the numbers.

Because flights are scheduled and generally are completed fairly quickly, air freight service is very reliable.

Goods such as power supplies, flammable substances and biochemical products are prohibited. HD Ships can help determine if your product can be shipped by air or help you find alternative transportation.

The HD Ships network includes experienced customs brokers who can ensure international shipments move smoothly.

Because HD Ships air freight is handled inside the tight controls of an airport, these shipments are among the most secure available.

The maximum size for many air freight shipments is 96 inches by 125 inches. Call HD Ships to discuss alternatives.

Working with its partners around the globe, HD Ships can provide door-to-door service for air freight shipments.

Shippers have full visibility of the location of their air freight shipments through the industry-leading technology of HD Ships and its global partners.