International We Are International Cargo Services

HD Ships understands the global transportation and logistics needs of its clients, and it delivers cost-effective solutions and exceptional customer service for shipments that move halfway around the world.

Whether it’s routine freight moving by container ship or an urgent shipment that requires specialized handling, HD Ships delivers the answers to the complex questions of international logistics.

Interantional Services


HD Ships professionals put their connections and experience to work to provide the capacity that shippers need for those critical last few miles.

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Custom Brokerage

HD Ships customs brokerage smooths the path for companies in international trade, expediting shipments for companies large and small. HD Ships ensures complicated and ever-changing paperwork is completed properly and quickly.

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Ocean Freight

International shippers turn to HD Ships for services ranging from routine containerized shipments to completion of challenging assignments involving large or unusual freight, including liquids and temperature-controlled shipments, transported to any port in the world.

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Logistic Services

HD Ships experts help businesses analyze their global needs and make informed decisions about every element of their logistics — transportation, warehousing, inventory management and distribution to a consumer’s front door.

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Air Freight

HD Ships serves enterprises around the globe with highly reliable and secure air freight service. The HD Ships team helps companies sort through alternatives to find the best, most cost-effective solutions, and its team understands alternatives available for air freight items that require special handling.

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